Halau Hula 'O Hoaloha

Traditional Hawaiian Hula

The Benefits of Hula - Engaging the Body, Mind and Spirit

Traditional Hawaiian Hula Dance has an appeal that stretches far beyond Hawaiʻi.  It’s a style of dance that has gained popularity throughout the world.  Why does hula have such a tremendous following?  No matter your age, gender, body type or ethnicity, learning to dance the Hula has something that every “body” can enjoy and it engages the Body, Mind and Spirit.

1. Body

  • Provides physical toning, targeting the hips, stomach, thighs, calves and arms. 
  • Provides both a Low-impact and Cardiovascular workout. Depending on the tempo of the songs, some hulas require slow, smooth and graceful movements while others are faster paced.
  • Strengthens back muscles and posture.
  • Improves your motor coordination. Coordinating the steps with arm and hip movements can be harder then it looks.

2. Mind

  • Helps enhance your memory. Memorizing the steps is only one part of Hula. Dancers also learn the meanings of the movement, stories, myths and legends behind the dances.
  • Develops Cultural Awareness and Respect.
  • Dancers learn to understand and speak Hawaiian words as they interpret the lyrics of the songs and chants into dance.

3. Spirit

  • Helps to ease tension and stress. Many of the Hawaiian songs are about nature; the waves, wind, flower, rain, clouds, etc…  Visualizing and interpreting the words with movement can mentally transport you to the Islands, connect you to nature and provide a spiritual experience.
  • Experience the “Spirit of Aloha” by building social relationship and lifelong friendships. The people you meet become your "Hula Sisters, Brothers & Ohana".